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The FlexBeat metronome revolutionizes the traditional metronome by enabling musicians to program and save metric patterns adaptable to modern music compositions that contain multiple meters such as 3/4, 5/8 and 7/8. FlexBeat's unique note-based entry and measure numbering system provide visual ease of use for creating a logically structured playback of click sounds. By saving and naming each unique pattern of measures, the user can have fast access to their personal collection of practice excerpts.

User settings allow optional subdivision clicks, looping of playback, introductory measures, and many combinations of click timbres to meet a musician's individual practicing needs. Mid-pattern access provides easy editing and a flexible playback starting point. While FlexBeat can perform as a traditional metronome, it also has an extremely large tempo range, as the note basis for tempo selection can be set from as short as an eighth note to as long as a dotted half note. Saved patterns can be shared with other FlexBeat users via email - a powerful tool for any size ensemble or classroom. The metronome can be used for teaching advanced rhythms and is an invaluable resource for students and professionals alike. The in-app User Guide is a handy reference for fully utilizing all of the metronome's many capabilities.

FlexBeat was designed and developed by a team of experienced, professional musicians who understand the need for an extremely accurate tool for practicing modern repertoire.